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Oh dear.. I've done it again

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Oh dear.. I've done it again Empty Oh dear.. I've done it again

Post  Ritchie Mon Oct 06, 2008 3:37 pm

i burn't myself..

see it wasn't really ALL my fault. My new bike kinda threw me an then sat on me and possible farted on me so I have a burn sorta behind and sorta to the side of me knee. Bloody hell (i kicked the bike real hard *snigger*)

any way it blistered straight away but it burst.. crap. I've been told that this means it will get infected and my leg will fall off so I'm thinking about keeping a photographic diary as it rots and send it in to stinkymeat .com

At least I will gain some satisfaction from the whole incident knowing that my leg is famous... payback for the bike methinks.

Woe is me *sigh*


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Oh dear.. I've done it again Empty Re: Oh dear.. I've done it again

Post  Shell Sun Oct 12, 2008 4:45 am

Good grief Ritchie, you really are a walking (riding?) disaster arent you!

Hope it heals up fast and doesnt get all mungy and fall off........ cos that wouldnt be good........

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