I'm unemployed!!

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I'm unemployed!!

Post  Ritchie on Fri Sep 19, 2008 4:49 am

As of 1.15 yesterday.... only started the damn job 4 wks ago *sigh*

Basically for the last 2 weeks I was totally miserable, couldn't sell ANYTHING (when at my last company I was in the running for top salesperson in my office) and was sick of the continual "sniping" about my bad performance. When a salesperson starts to get negative and worried about their figures, you really need a damn good manager to help out and maybe put them on another publication to have a success with so they can build on this. I felt that I was been set up to fail with two difficult publications, one totally new one with no track record and one that is going through tough times. Stupidity to put a new person on this.

So to cut a long story short, I had a meeting with the sales manager who laid ot out on the table that I nneded to think about my future and the company - and if i should leave as basically I sucked, not that he could understand why as my previous performance was great. So I rang my OH and spoke to his family (who founded this company and are now silent partners) - they suggested that I ask to leave (basically resign before I was sacked) and they were disgusted at the lack of help I received as they know I am a damn good salesperson (or was before my confidence hit zero with this lot)

so here I am, broke but happy. OHs parents are gonna help me out, hopefully with a job at their Travel agency doing odd jobs unti I decide what to do next - my old work has been contacted and they really want me back but no room for me for a while until someone leaves, but it's a start.
sorry about the long boring post but I need to vent as its p*ssed me off as they knew that I could sell but stood by as i was getting more and more miserable and never offered any meaningful help.

So my plan is to have today off to destress etc, the weekend is busy with bike related activities (OH bought me a brand new dirt bike yesterday) but I will buy the paper to scan for suitable jobs, then I'm hopefully hanging out in a small Travel agency with OHs sister and parents to destress, learn new skills, get my confidence up and to actually "do" something (and get money). Then we'll see. Actually I'm rather excited about it all, nothing like a new job to get ya motivated! he he!


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Re: I'm unemployed!!

Post  Shell on Fri Sep 19, 2008 6:21 am

Geeze Ritchie, you have had a tough last month or so havent you one way and another...............

Well, onwards and upwards girly!!!! Be pleased you are no longer in an environment that wasnt good for you work wise.........

Im sure that whatever you tackle next you will excell at (and provide us with much humour too lol........ sorry mate, but thats just a given with you!).......

Big Hugs and best of luck and of course keep us informed of what you are doing Smile

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