Pssssst........ Shell

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Pssssst........ Shell

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 28, 2008 2:44 pm

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Posted: 22 Jun 2008 02:35 pm Post subject: Pssst.... Shell!


Yoohoo, helloooooo!!!!

I'm here now, the party can start lol!

Seriously though, do you guys go to the team penning weekends at Wudinna? I heard a little rumour that there is one this weekend and it is my weekend off so I am a little tempted (not sure if finances will allow it quite yet)

Great to see another site to play in, hope it all goes well and we get to see heaps of your gorgeous girls and boys on here!

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Posted: 23 Jun 2008 03:31 am Post subject:


Whoot - howdy Eswot!

Yep, we sure are involved with the Team Penning

There IS a Competition this weekend!

Feel free to come up We have yards if you wanna bring a pony or two with you...........

We have spare beds if you wanna stay

So that will save you some

Doesnt cost anything to be a spectator and Craig IS going to be riding Buckethead this weekend (Probably only on Saturday cos he has to Work Sunday arvo).........

There is an auction for a service to a paint stallion happening on Saturday night

Should be LOTS of fun!

So get your butt in that Ftruck of yours and get up here girly!!! Drag Yollie with ya!
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Posted: 02 Jul 2008 11:01 am Post subject: Hey Shell and Eswot


Hey Shell, let me know when you are next having a team yarders dooo.... I would be keen to come up for a visit..... Eswot how bout you????

Maybe I could use Wirrindi.... I reckon Wirrindi takin on a cow would be pretty funny.......

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Posted: 04 Jul 2008 12:55 am Post subject:


Heheheh Yollie, if you have a look at the website updates, there are pics of Wirrindi there Yep you are most welcome to ride the little bugger next time!

Next competition is last weekend in July...... thats the weekend we are having the Raffle drawn too

(anyone who wants a raffle ticket, have a look at the Wudinna Team Yarders website listed above, and get in contact with me - I have tickets available ...)

Buck, well, he was Buck..... lol......

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