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Welcome to our forum!

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:57 am

Hi there all, welcome to our forum!

Just a couple of 'rules' for posting here.......

We would like to keep this as simple as possible for all involved.....so here goes!

# 1. Discuss, debate and disagree - but please do it fairly. Name calling and other derogatory comments will not be tolerated - offenders will have their post either modified or removed, and will be emailed with a warning to tone down. You can always take a more personal disagreement to either private message or email.

# 2. Please refrain from harrassing other members, making defamatory or abusive remarks, or publicly putting down trainers, breeders, owners or other people involved in the horse industry. If you have something to say about someone that is less than positive - please take it to PM or email so as not to open up yourself or the forum to possible action from the person or persons involved.

# 3. Photos can be posted in your messages, but they must be limited to a size of no more than 600 x 600 pixels. The reason for this is images that are too wide make the screen scroll too far to the right (and that can get annoying). Photos will not influence our bandwidth, but keep in mind that images that are larger than 30kb will take a while to download on some membersí computers. If you need help resizing an image, please email admin and they will be glad to assist. Please refer to #5 for the rules regarding copyright images.

# 4. We have decided not to place too many word filters on this board. We are all adults, and we all know how to swear. If it's not a word that you'd hear on TV before midnight, then don't use it on here. If you wouldnt use that word at your children or mother - dont use it here! (and for those who WOULD use those words at their children or mother - please consider that other people may not want to hear them!)

# 5. Please refrain from posting anything that is under copyright. There are stiff penalties for reproducing any material whether it be written material or images where you do not have permission from the copyright owner for its reproduction in any way shape or form. This forum takes no responsibilty for what its members may put up here, but material that is blantently copied and pasted without permission will be removed.

Links to sites are permitted however as this is not a breach of copyright. So if in doubt and you have found information or pictures you wish to share with others on the internet, please just post the link to that site with instructions on how to find what you wish to share. .

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to PM me!

Where your horses health is concerned, please feel free to get other peoples opinions but please remember that your vet should be your first port of call.

As far as training tips go - people on this forum may or may not be qualified to give you information that you ask for and keep in mind that it is very difficult to explain how to correct a problem or train a horse over the internet.

Feel free to email me at any time at: shell@cmsporthorses.com

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